10 Best Cheap Window Air Conditioners Under $100, $200 & $300

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Can you find a cheap window air conditioner under $100?

Unless you want to buy a used air conditioner, you are not going to find a cheap window air conditioner for less than 100 dollars.

However, you don’t need an expensive air conditioning unit to stay cool during the hot summer. You can still find the best window air conditioner under 200 dollars and still maintain a comfortable home. If you are stretched financially, you can consider the best window air conditioners under 300 dollars.

How do you separate the low priced energy efficient models from the high-end rip-offs? By benefiting from my research and considering some of the recommendations in this article, of course.

For less than $200, you are going to get a small window air conditioner with a cooling capacity between 5000 BTU to 8000 BTU. The models I have recommended might be small, but I guarantee they would do great work if installed in the right room size.

Best Window Air Conditioners Under 200

1. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E Window Air Conditioner has a 5000 BTU cooling capacity and is perfect for use in small spaces up to 150 square feet.

It also has a dehumidification power that removes up to 1.1 pints per hour, keeping your room fresh and cool at the same time.

The low power startup feature will help you conserve energy and significantly reduce your energy bills as a result.

Besides, it features mechanical rotary controls that offer several settings for both the fans and speeds, which can last even after many seasons of usage.

The two-way air direction control allows the unit to distribute the cool air around the entire space. Hence, the mini-compact cooling unit can cool down the room efficiently and quickly.

Although it is one of the cheapest window air conditioners on the market today, it doesn’t have the energy-saving mode or the auto-restart feature.


  • It minimizes the extra usage of electricity with its low-power startup feature.
  • It cools and dehumidifies the room at the same time.
  • It offers several settings for fans and speeds.


  • Doesn’t come with energy-saving mode.
  • Doesn’t have the automatic restart feature.

2. Frigidaire FFRE0533S1 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FFRE0533S1 Window Air Conditioner has a 5000 BTU of cooling power and suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet in size. It has three different fan and cooling speeds that let you set how much cool air is blown into the room.

Apart from cooling, it can also keep your room dry if you turn on the dry mode that removes up to 1.1 pints of water per hour.

The best part of this cooling unit is that it’s very light in weight and easy to install with a window mounting kit and can fit into most standard-sized windows.

This window ac is not only Energy Star Certified, but it also has a 12.2 energy efficiency ratio and low power startup and operation. That means it uses less energy to start and cool your room.

Several other features include an energy saver mode, a sleep mode, and a 24-hour on/off timer. It also has an anti-bacterial filter that will provide clean and cool air in the room. All these settings and modes can be accessed using the remote.

There have been complaints from users that after using it for some time, the fan becomes loose, creating rattling noises.


  • It’s an extremely lightweight unit that comes with an easy installation window mounting kit.
  • Has an energy-saving mode, a sleep mode, and a 24-hour on/off timer as well.
  • Has three cooling and fan speeds.
  • A low-power startup and quiet operation.
  • It gives a full-function remote control.


  • For a room larger than 150 square feet, you need to go up in BTU rating.
  • Due to extended use, the air conditioners fan becomes loose that can create noise when the unit is operational.

3. LG LW6017R Window Air Conditioner

The LG LW6017R is one of the best selling and cheap window ac on the market. It has 6000 BTU of cooling power and ideal for small rooms up to 260 square feet.

It’s also capable of removing up to 1.8 pints of water per hour, keeping your room cool, dry, and mold-free. You can also choose between 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds depending on how cool you want your room.

While it’s not energy star rated, it has an energy saver function that will cycle the fan on and off with the compressor to limit energy consumption.

The LG LW6017R is easy to operate thanks to the remote control. You can use it to select your preferred cooling or fan speeds and other modes, keeping you comfortable no matter the season.

This is a lightweight AC that is easy to install. It comes with all the required installation materials. After installation, you don’t have to worry about covering it during fall or winter because the gold fin anti-corrosion coating provides a protective shield.


  • Powerful and energy-efficient cooling
  • Dehumidification capability
  • Setting it up is a breeze.


  • It’s not energy star rated
  • Doesn’t offer WI-FI connectivity like other LG models

4. hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

The hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is ideal for small rooms up to 150 square. It is an excellent option for bedrooms, small offices, or small studio apartments.

One of the unique features of this unit is the seven temperature settings, more than almost all window AC on the market. You can select how much air you want in your room as well as direct cold air in the direction where it is needed the most thanks to the two-way airflow.

This affordable air conditioner fits in windows between 23 inches to 36 inches in width, so make sure you have the right dimensions. It comes with all the installation materials.

While the price of this unit gives it an edge over other models on the market, you have to remember that it doesn’t have a remote, so you’ll be using mechanical controls.


  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Seven temperature settings
  • Comes with a mounting kit
  • Includes reusable, washable antibacterial filter


  • No digital display and remote control

5. Emerson Quiet Kool EARC5MD1 Window Air Conditioner

The Emerson Quite Kool window air conditioner offers 5000 BTU of cooling capacity. It comes with a complete window mounting kit that makes it possible to be installed in rooms up to 150 square feet room.

Besides performing very well in its primary function of cooling your space, it also has an inbuilt automatic moisture removal feature that removes up to 1.3 pints of water an hour, preventing mold and mildew buildup, and reducing airborne particles.

This unit has many options if you want to adjust the temperature to your desired comfort level. It has three cooling and fan speeds, a temperature dial, and 8-way directional air louvers.

Emerson Quiet Kool EARC5MD1 consumes lesser energy with an energy efficiency rating of 11. It automatically powers on after a power outage. The washable air filter prevents harmful microscopic particles from entering the air

While it is advertised to be one of the quietest window units on the market, some users have complained that it’s extremely noisy and makes a loud banging noise after using it for a short period of time.


  •  Quiet and energy efficient
  • An auto-restart in case of a power failure.
  • Window mounting kit included for easy installation.
  • 8-way airflow louvers allow you to direct the air where you want it.
  • Mechanical controls with two cooling speeds, two fan speeds, and variable temperature dial


  • No remote so you have to control it manually
  • Despite the name, customers complain that the unit isn’t as quiet as it claims to be.

6. Keystone Window-Mounted Air Conditioner 

The Keystone Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is a small, easy-to-install unit that has 5000 BTU of cooling power. It cools small spaces such as bedrooms, home additions, or apartments up to 150 square feet.

Most modern air conditioners have an inbuilt dehumidifier, and this ac isn’t left out. Its dry mode removes up to 1.3 pints of water per hour.

Easy to operate, this window ac is equipped with a Follow Me LCD remote and LED display. You can adjust the settings and select the mode of your choice from anywhere in your home.

Using this air conditioner will help you save a noticeable amount on your energy bills. The auto-restart can save settings if the power is ever interrupted.

One of the things that many people complain about is maintenance. Since it’s not self evaporating, you have to drain the unit manually to prevent water from building up.


  • The small size of the cooling unit makes it quite easy to install it.
  • In case the power is interrupted, the air conditioner has an automatic restart feature that saves your settings.
  • It helps to save money significantly on your yearly energy bills.


  • You might need to drain the air conditioning to prevent water buildup manually.
  • Compared to other air conditioners with the same cooling power, this one is quite noisy.

Best Window Air Conditioners Under 300

7. LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted AIR Conditioner

The LG LW8016ER is a great choice for people looking for an energy-efficient window air conditioner. It has an energy efficiency ratio of 12.1 plus other energy-saving features including an energy saver mode, adjustable thermostat, and programmable timer.

This is a mid-size ac that’s ideal for rooms up to 340 square feet in size. If your room feels humid, it has aan inbuilt dehumidifier that removes up to 2.2 pints per hour.

It’s easy to operate thanks to the easy-touch controls and remote. You can select the cooling mode, dry mode, and fan mode depending on the outside temperature.

It’s also easy to install thanks to the included installation kit. You can quickly mount it in windows 22-36 inches wide. It uses the standard 115V electrical outlet like many other home appliances.

Window air conditioners may not be the quietest, but with a decibel rating of 54, this LG is one of the quiet units on the market. Unlike other ac, it has a washable air filter that will capture impurities trapped in the coils, keeping the ac in top conditioner throughout the years.


  • Can cool and dehumidify
  • One of the quietest with a decibel rating of 54
  • Energy efficient with an EER of 12.1
  • Easy to operate using the remote and digital display
  • Easy to install ad comes with installation kit.
  • An auto-restart feature that resumes operation to its previous settings
  • Washable filter that captures impurities


While it’s advertised to cool rooms up to 340 square feet, customers say it cools small spaces than the recommended size.

8. FRIGIDAIRE FFRE0833S1 Energy Star Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

If I’d recommend one window ac for a budget under $300, it would be Frigidaire FFRE0833S1. It’s not only energy-efficient but has a cooling power of 8,000 BTU, making it ideal for rooms up to 350 square feet.

As you might have noticed, most of the window units I’ve reviewed have a dehumidifier. Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 can also remove up to 1.7 pints per hour, making it an excellent choice for a more humid space.

Another common feature is the automatic feature. So, if there is a power outage, you don’t have to set it again once the power comes back. It will automatically resume to its previous settings.

It’s has a full-function remote control that allows you to adjust the settings and temperature from anywhere in the room. If you want to cool a specific zone, adjust the louvers to blow the air in that direction.


  • Cools and dehumidifies spaces up to 350 square feet.
  • Impressive efficiency with an EER of 12
  • Included installation materials
  • The auto-restart will resume operation in its previous settings.
  • Easy to operate with full function remote control


It’s a little loud and may not be ideal for quiet rooms like bedrooms or baby nursery

9. Koldfront WAC8001W 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with 3,500 BTU Heater

There is no better way to cool and heat a room than using this window air conditioner. It’s way much less cheap than a ductless mini-split. So, if you are on a budget, choose Koldfront WAC8001W.

It can cool rooms up to 350 square feet. The heater is only to be used to supplement another source of heating. It’s not powerful enough to warm rooms the same size the ac cools. The fan speeds let you control airflow while a dehumidifying mode removes excess moisture from the room.

While it’s not energy star rated, it offers several energy-saving features, including a sleep mode that will adjust the temperature periodically before returning to the set temperature after six (6) hours.

You can use the mechanical controls or the remote to adjust the settings or select the modes. A digital temperature display will show you the current temperature and your set temperature.


  • Can cool, heat and dehumidify your space.
  • All the installation hardware and weather seals are included
  • Offers several energy-saving features, including programmable thermostat, sleep mode, and Energy Saver mode
  • Has a check filter light that alerts you when you need to clean the filter.


  • Loud
  • The heater cannot be used as the primary source of heat even for the same size of the room the ac cools.