The 10 Best Window Air Conditioner With Heat Reviews In 2022

Window air conditioners with heat provide indoor comfort all year round without having to buy two separate units. If you live in a temperate climate, heating and air conditioner window units can provide both supplemental cooling and heating.

In this buying guide, I’ve reviewed the best window air conditioner with heat, depending on the size of the room you want to heat or cool. These units are energy-efficient, easy to install, and user-friendly.

Whether you choose ordinary window air conditioners or window ac with heat, it’s still important to stick with a unit that has a BTU level designed to fit your space. To find your ideal heating and cooling capacity, check the buying guide section.

Best Window Air Conditioner With Heat Comparison Table

Why Would You Install a Window AC with Heat

installing the best window air conditioner with heat

Window air conditioners are intended to provide comfort during summer. After summer, most homeowners would not use them until the next season. When winter creeps in, you’ll need a space heater to provide the warmth. That means you’ll have two separate units for both summer and winter.

A window unit with heat is a good investment because it’s a two-unit in one. It will cool your room during the sweltering summer season and keep it warm during the cold winter. However, I’d recommend a window heat pump for people that experience moderate temperatures both in the summer in winter.

Here are other benefits of investing in a heating and cooling window unit.

Low Cost

This is the first major advantage that you get from window ac with heat – they’re both fairly expensive to purchase and operate every month.

While some units cost as low as $100, others would go as high as $2000. However, the average cost of a typical window unit for a medium room would cost $300 to $500.

That means it’s way low than what you’d spend on installing central air or ductless air conditioners that require over $1000 to purchase and install depending on the brand, BTU capacity, and the features associated with the device itself.

Ideal for Small Spaces

Even if you have a central cooling system installed, some rooms may not get the full benefit. They’ll always be hotter or colder than the rest of the house, no matter what you set your thermostat to.

Installing a window air conditioner with heater in these rooms can transform the rooms from being neglected during extreme temperatures to offering the perfect comfort all year round. Moreover, you’ll have few rooms to heat or cool using your primary heating and cooling system, reducing energy costs.

Easy to Install

Most window units are portable and easy to set up, even to a person with the least DIY skills. Manufacturers always include the installation materials and manuals to help you through the installation process.

After installation, you don’t have to worry about noise. These units operate more quietly than most portable air conditioners or evaporative coolers that produce so much noise than the conversation in the room.

Here is an easy DIY installation video that describes how to set up your AC in no time

Reduce Hazards

Space heaters are one of the major causes of house fires. And no matter how cautious you are, the risks of using portable space heaters are still high. On the other hand, window air conditioners are much safer and don’t require constant monitoring, even if used in rooms with small children or pets.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Window AC Unit with Heat

Before you go ahead with purchasing a window air conditioner, you need to keep certain things in mind. The most significant considerations include:


The primary and most obvious factor is the cost. You must have decided on a budget when you set out to buy an air conditioner, and your aim should be to determine the perfect balance between your budget and your cooling and heating needs. Since the price of air conditioners ranges from $100 to $2000, there are a lot of models to choose from based on price alone. 

Low-cost appliances offer only basic features, and their heating and cooling capacities are comparatively low, making them suitable for smaller spaces. 

On the other hand, high-end, expensive units come with plenty of features and additional functions. However, that doesn’t mean you should only go for them; you should realize that you can get more benefits if you spent a little more. 

Besides the initial purchase, you have to take into account regular maintenance, and the associated energy costs. Air conditioners are major contributors to hefty energy bills. If you’re particularly concerned about getting an energy-efficient model, look for an Energy Star-rated model

Cooling and Heating Capacity

The size of your room determines cooling and heating capacity. Selecting the right unit requires you first to measure the space you want to install it in. Based on this measurement, you should search for a unit that is capable of serving that room.

For instance, if you’re looking for an air conditioner for a small room, a unit with a low BTU rating will suffice, but when it comes to cooling or heating larger rooms, high BTU units with more power will be necessary.

Convenience in Use and Maintenance

For many people, the convenience of using an air conditioner is among their top priorities. The more complicated the controls are, such as adjustment of the timer, thermostat, etc., the more problematic the unit will be. 

While most air conditioners feature simple configurations, not all of them offer the full-function remote control option. If you wish to keep all the AC controls at your fingertips, look for a unit that can be fully programmed using a remote control.

Likewise, ease of maintenance and the associated costs are equally important. The costs and complications involved in cleaning an air conditioner vary from unit to unit. You now have the slide-out chassis feature in many air conditioners that makes cleaning super easy by making them more accessible.


You wouldn’t want to buy an affordable air conditioner that offers tremendous quality and performance, but malfunctions outrageously soon. 

A heating and air conditioning window unit is indeed a massive investment, and if it can’t serve you in the long run, then that model isn’t worth buying. While there are slight variations in the lives of different units, the frequency of use, proper storage, and maintenance significantly impact their longevity.

Generally, air conditioners with the highest durability are those that come with extended warranties and after-care services. Certain models on the market are more reliable in terms of durability than others. 

Window Type

Another factor that determines the window unit you select is the type of your windows. There are different types of windows, but a typical window unit is usually installed in a double-hung window.

If you have casement, vertical, horizontal, or crank windows, then a casement or horizontal window air conditioner would be ideal for your room. Here are some of the smallest casement window air conditioners.

Electrical Requirements and Ease of Installation

The reason why electrical requirements should be carefully considered is that air conditioners require a higher amount of voltage than other household appliances. 

Hence, the electrical system in your home should correspond with the power requirements of the unit you plan to install. In the case that the unit doesn’t get the power it needs, it will not function to its full potential, or even worse, its fuse may blow. 

You’ll need to check the electrical requirements of the unit, such as the voltage, watts, and amps. The NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) classification and plug face type are other vital elements to check as well. 

An air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTUs or above will require 220-volt, while those that have BTUs less than 15,000 can operate on 115 to 125-volt, the standard residential voltage. In the case of any confusion, seek help from an electrician. 

For sliding windows, here is a simple guide on how to install an air conditioner in horizontal sliding windows.

Features of a Good Window Air Conditioner Heater Combo

Features of a good window ac with heatIf you’re going to spend a considerable amount of money on one of the best window air conditioners with heat, you need to get one that offers the most bang for your buck. Most modern window ACs provide extra features that simplify their use and maintenance. Check whether the unit you have chosen has these features or not:

Remote Control

While most window heating and cooling units come with a remote to control the functions, many of them have limitations in terms of the number of functions you may be able to control. Those offering full-function remote controls are the most convenient. Even if you don’t need full control, check whether the AC’s remote control includes temperature controls, timer adjustments, and selection of the operating model.

Programmable Thermostat

This feature helps you program your AC to maintain the precise temperature you want. Most people like their room temperature to reach and stay at a certain level. A programmable thermostat serves as a solution to this problem. As soon as the room temperature reaches your desired level, the AC senses this and stops heating or cooling the room. 

While traditional air conditioners would require you to adjust the temperature through mechanical controls, most contemporary models come with a programmable feature that automates this function for you. Their digital display depicts actual and desired temperature readings for transparency. This not only makes the AC convenient but also helps you save energy as the AC will not be running all day long.

Energy Star Rating

As discussed earlier, energy bills are a major concern in the case of ACs. Buying an Energy Star-rated AC is the best way to minimize how much you spend on your energy bill. This is because these units can are 10 to 30% more energy efficient than most other air conditioners.

Programmable Timer

Another tremendous feature to look for in a window ac with a heater is the programmable timer. Through this feature, you can program your window AC to automatically switch on or off at specified times based on your schedule.

With traditional ACs, you would have to arrive home and switch on your AC manually. Modern units feature a programmable timer that allows you to program the AC to switch on earlier so that you come home to an already cool room.

Automatic adjustments also help reduce energy costs as the unit will run only when required. This, with minimum interference, you can efficiently control your AC according to your requirements and save energy costs. 

Adjustable Fan Speed

When cooling isn’t needed, you can use this feature to blow the cold air from the window air conditioner and heater combination unit or circulate air when cooling isn’t required.

You can adjust the fan to varying speeds, depending on how quickly you want to cool down your room. If your region experiences hot summers, switching to a higher speed will help cool your room quickly.

Other Accessories

Sometimes you might want to install a window AC in a wall, especially if they have a slide-out chassis wall sleeve. Here are different through-the-wall air conditioner sleeve sizes to help you make sure your installation is right.

10 Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat Reviews

1. Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 Air Conditioner/Heat Pump

FRIGIDAIRE 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air...
  • For a room up to 350 sq. ft. with dehumidification up to 1.5 pints per hour
  • Exterior dimensios: 22-5/8"W x 23-5/16"D x 15-3/8" H | Window opening: Max. 36"H
  • Slide-out chasis offers window or wall installation (Window mounting kit included)
  • Multi-speed electronic controls with 24-hr. on/off timer and full-function remote control
  • 8,000 BTU cooling capacity / 7,000 BTU heat pump / 3,500 BTU supplemental heating capacity
  • Supplemental Heating Option: With our supplemental heating capability, you can be comfortable no matter regardless of the temperature outside - you have both heating and cooling solutions
  • Capture dust from the air and keep your air conditioner working efficiently with our easy-to-clean washable filter.
  • Please refer user manual pg12 for trouble shooting steps

When you think about the best heat/cool window unit brands, Frigidaire pops into mind for sure. Frigidaire has a reputation for offering the most reliable combo electronic items. The company’s air conditioning and heating products top the list of its best products.

Its FFRH0822R1 model by Frigidaire comes with 7000 BTUs of heating and 8000 BTUs of efficient cooling. Its dry mode is capable of removing as much as 1.5 pints an hour. The model is suitable for windows that are 26-36 inches wide and is capable of catering to spaces of up to 350 square feet. 

This window ac heater unit also comes with a sliding chassis, which allows for the easy installation of the unit. The frame of the air conditioner and the window kit will have to be installed, after which you just need to slide the unit into the window frame. But for more permanent heating and cooling, you may choose to install the unit directly through your wall.

It has numerous features that aren’t offered by most other brands such as a timer, maintenance reminder, remote control, etc. that not only make this model convenient but also help save energy costs. 


  • A full-function remote control makes it easy to use
  • The timer feature allows you to schedule heating and cooling
  • Check light reminders allows you to keep track of your air conditioner’s maintenance
  • Sleep mode helps improve energy efficiency 
  • Amazingly quiet operation


  • When set to heating mode, the speed of the fan is only “low,” and it turns off when it reaches the set temperature

2. Koldfront WAC12001W Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner

Koldfront WAC12001W 12,000 BTU 208/230V Heat/Cool...
  • Four (4) operation modes
  • 12000 BTU's of Cooling/11000 BTU's of Heating
  • 2 Year In-Home Warranty

The Koldfront WAC12001W is ideal for year-round comfort in spaces between 450 to 550 square feet. With a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs and a heating capacity of 11,000 BTUs, the unit is extremely reliable when it comes to fulfilling your heating and cooling needs.

The remote control and digital display make this window unit with heat convenient to use as they allow you to operate the temperature setting and fan speed from anywhere in the room.

The Koldfront WAC12001W offers not only three fan speeds but also a dehumidifier that removes excess moisture from your room. A four-way air directional louver will blow cold or hot air where it’s needed the most, ensuring the temperature in every part of the room is even.

It’s energy-efficient with an EER of 10.9, energy saver mode, sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and a programmable thermostat. All these features will ensure your room is comfortable while cutting back on energy costs.

All installation hardware is included, and for better insulation, weather seals are part of the sale. The window measurements are 26 7/8″ to 36″ for width and 16” for height.


  • Ideal for large rooms or even entire apartments
  • The remote control makes it easy to use
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • Does not include a slide-out chassis

3. LG Window-Mounted Supplemental Heat Function Air Conditioner

LG 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with...
  • Low Noise Performance - operates at sound levels as low as 50dB (in low mode) eliminating unnecessary noise.Air flow efficiency : 265 cubic_feet_per_minute_per_watt
  • Supplemental Heat - For cooler days use the supplemental heat option to add warmth to your space
  • Multiple Fan Speeds - 2 cooling, heating and fan speeds allow you to customize your cooling or heating
  • Auto Restart - After a power failure, Auto Restart will automatically turn the unit back on when power is restored
  • Cools Rooms up to 550 Sq. Ft. - LW1216HR is ideal for cooling medium rooms (22' X 25')

If you’re looking for a quiet window air conditioner that can supply supplemental heat for your bedroom, kid’s room, or any other space where silence is necessary, then choose LG Window-Mounted Supplemental Heat Function Air Conditioner.

This powerful unit delivers a cooling performance of 7,500 BTUs for rooms up to 320 square feet and can transition to a heating mode by providing 3,850 BTUs of soothing heat for rooms up to 220 square feet. It’s capable of being used in summer, winter, or anytime in between with its fan-only mode.

The model features two heating speeds, two cooling speeds, and two fan speeds that ensure the temperature in your room is favorable. However, what’s unique about this window heater is the low decibel rating of 49, which means you can run it all night long without worrying about the noise. 

It’s also energy efficient with an EER of 11. 2, easy to install, and uses the standard 115V electrical outlet.


  • A low decibel level means it runs quietly
  • The timer allows you to save energy
  • Two speeds each for cooling and heating


  • Low cooling and heating capacity
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • Does not include a slide-out chassis

4. Friedrich Chill Series EP08G11B Room Air Conditioner with Electric Heat

Friedrich Chill Series EP08G11B Room Air...
  • Chill+ room AC W/electric heat; 11.2 EER; installs in a window or through walls up to 8deep; conditions rooms up to Approx. 350 sq. Ft
  • Fresh, new look in designer white
  • 24-Hour timer lets you program on & off times
  • Auto air sweep for more even cooling throughout the room
  • Money saver saves money by operating the fan only when cooling

This window air conditioner with heat belongs to a premium line of air conditioners: the Friedrich Chill Series. It provides 7,500-BTU cooling power and a build-in heater for spaces up to 350 square feet. It’s energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and designed for residential and light commercial spaces.

One of the features you’ll like about this unit is how it simplifies both cooling and heating thanks to the intuitive electronic control panel. This allows you to customize your desired temperature easily. Its cabinet is also constructed with heavy 20-gauge steel intended to resist rust. That means it is durable and will provide many years of effective cooling in any environment.

While it offers three operating modes—cool, heat, and fan-only, it also has a dry mode that removes 2.1 pints of moisture per day. The fan mode circulates air and prevents room stuffiness when the temperature isn’t too hot or cold. You can also take advantage of the 24-hour timer and MoneySaver cooling mode to reduce energy consumption.

You can install this model through a wall or vertical sash windows. It also comes with slide-out chassis, which not only ensures easy installation but also allows for hassle-free maintenance. 


  • Three operating modes
  • Designed for window or through the wall installation
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Heavy-duty construction to resist rusting.


  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • Not energy star rated

5. Arctic King Ac-Heat 25K 208V

Arctic King Ac-Heat 25K 208V
  • Electronic controls with full-featured remote and LED display
  • Four way adjustable air direction
  • This product is manufactured in China

Ideal for use in large rooms and apartments, the Arctic King AC-Heat 25K 208V air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 25,000 BTUs and heating power of 16,000 BTUs. It is capable of regulating temperature in spaces up to 1,500 square feet. 

While this unit is manufactured in China, it’s still energy efficient and effective. You can easily schedule it to switch on and off automatically at any time during the day using the programmable timer. Prevent hot zones and run the unit for a long time by making use of the four-way adjustable air direction to blow cold air where it is needed the most.

This window air conditioner is durable thanks to the galvanized steel endplates that resist corrosion. The slide-out chassis and installation kit that comes with the model ensure an easy installation. 

Once installed, this unit is easy to use. You can adjust the temperature and other settings using the remote and LED display. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to replace the filter; the filter indicator will alert you when it’s time to replace or wash.


  • Ideal for use in large rooms or apartments
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Easy to use
  • High durability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Slide-out chassis included


  • The male plug is difficult to fit into most sockets and may need to be replaced

6. Frigidaire FFRH1822R2 Air Conditioner with Supplemental Heat

FRIGIDAIRE FFRH1822R2 18500 BTU 230V Median...
  • Dimensions: 23-5/8" W x 25-3/8" D x 17-7/8" H | Window Width: 26-1/2" - 40-1/2" | Cabinet Depth (w/ Front): 23-5/16" | Cut-Out Height: 18" | Cut-Out Width: 23-7/8"
  • Effectively cool a large space at your home or office with the cooling coverage of up to 1170 Sq. ft.
  • Stay comfortable, even when it's hot outside with 5421.81 W cooling power
  • Window mounting kit included (Pleated Quick Mount adjusts the unit to fit your window)
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required (Unit will not work with a standard 115V outlet)

If you are looking to keep a large room up to 1050 square feet comfortable no matter the season of the year, you’ve found it with Frigidaire FFRH1822R2 Air Conditioner with Supplemental Heat.

This multi-functional unit can cool, heat, and dehumidify your room, making it the perfect choice for home comfort all year long. It provides 18,500 BTU of cooling, and 16,000 BTU of supplemental heat, and removes up to 5.5 pints of excess humidity per hour.

Besides cooling, heating, and dehumidifying, this quiet AC has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 10.7, 24-hour on/off timer, low power start-up, energy saver mode, sleep mode, and auto restart features that will help you conserve energy.

This window ac with heat is designed with multiple operating modes and customizable settings. Depending on the temperature of your room, you can choose the three cooling speeds, three fan speeds, or three heat speeds.

All these modes and settings are available on the remote control. For more personal cooling and heating, turn on the 8-way comfort feature that controls the direction of the cool air wherever the unit is mounted.

While this unit is expensive, it comes with lots of accessories and features. You’ll get a long 6 feet three-prong power cord, slide-out chassis for either window or wall installation, window mounting kit, washable mesh filter with tilt-out filter access, and check filter alert.


  • 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds, and 3 heat speeds.
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto-restart
  • Energy saver and sleep mode
  • Long 6 ft. three-prong power cord
  • 8-way comfort control
  • 24-hour on/off timer


  • Runs at 230 volts and 25 Amps so you have to upgrade
  • Other customers complained about the instructions manual being terrible

7. PerfectAire 3PACH18000 Window Air Conditioner with Electric Heater

PerfectAire 3PACH18000 18,500/18,200 BTU Window...
  • 18, 500/18, 200 BTU cooling capacity and 16, 000/13, 000 BTU heating capacity
  • Electronic controls; auto sleep, dry, and energy saver modes, 2-Way air direction control and auto restart function
  • Full function remote control with follow-me portable thermostat for total room coverage
  • Tilt-out filter access - window mounting kit included
  • cULus listed, refrigerant

This is another heating and air conditioning window unit that is ideal for large rooms, including basements, living spaces, and garages. It creates a more comfortable environment in rooms between 700 to 1000 square feet.

With an EER of 10.7, the PerfectAire 3PACH18000 is designed to bring all-season comfort without causing your power bill to rise. It also features an energy saver mode that reduces energy consumption by running the ac fan for 3 minutes after the compressor is turned off. 

Apart from cooling and heating, this window air conditioner and the heating unit have other operating modes that give you the freedom to customize the performance of the AC to meet your needs. You can choose the fan mode to circulate air in the room when it’s not hot enough to turn on the ac mode. If you feel the room is too humid, turn on the dry mode that removes up to 3.8 pints per hour.

One of the features that most customers love the most about this heat cool window unit is that the remote control not only allows you to adjust the temperature and other settings from anywhere in the room but also acts as a mobile thermostat.

That means if you press the Follow Me function, it sends the signal to AC every 3 minutes to adjust the temperature to where the remote is at.


  • Multiple operating modes
  • Expandable window mounting kit 
  • Full function remote control with Follow Me feature


  • Doesn’t have a programmable timer

8. Garrison 2477802 R-410A Through-The-Window Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

GARRISON 2477802 R-410A Through-The-Window...
  • Galvanized cabinet; Self-evaporative System
  • Remote control
  • Follow Me function adjusts room temperature more accurately
  • Sleep mode, 24 hr timer
  • 5 mode control: Fan/Cool/Heat Dehumidifier/Auto

The Garrison Window Air Conditioner is a versatile unit that offers five-mode controls, including cooling, heating, auto, dehumidifier, and fan-only mode. It is the perfect unit for year-round comfort in rooms up to 550 square feet.

This ac and heating window unit has been designed with user-friendly features. The first feature is that it’s self evaporating, so you won’t be collecting water inside the unit or in an outside container. 

There is a Follow Me feature that lets the remote act as the thermostat instead of the unit, allowing for a more precise temperature reading.

There is also a sleep mode that automatically runs the system at a lower fan speed, giving you an uninterrupted nighttime rest, and a programmable timer that turns the unit on or off automatically up to 24 hours in advance.


  • Self evaporating system
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Galvanized cabinet to prevent corrosion
  • Full function remote control with Follow Me feature


Doesn’t come with supporting brackets

9. Kenmore 77185 Window Air Conditioner/Heater

Midea 12,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter Air...
  • ULTRA QUIET - The U-shape design of Midea U Smart Inverter AC uses your window to block noise outside. The highly-efficient inverter system warrants ultra-low noise and vibration, 9x quieter than traditional units with operation as low as 32 dBA.Control Type : Electronic. Clean Filter Indicator Light : Yes. Rated Cooling Amps (AHAM) : 12.17..Refrigerant : R32. Cooling Watts : 1140W.
  • MORE THAN 35% ENERGY SAVINGS - With the advanced DC Inverter technology, Midea U achieves over 35% energy savings compared to other traditional units. It is the first window AC to obtain the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Certification
  • SMART CONTROL - Midea U Smart Inverter AC is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from anywhere using the MSmartHome app on iOS or Android. You can also use voice commands throughout your house, office, or apartment using Alexa or Google Assistant devices
  • FLEXIBLE WINDOW OPENING - The U-shaped design allows your window to open, bringing fresh air into your home and maintaining more of your view when the unit is installed. When the window is closed, the Anti-Theft Mechanism locks the window for added safety
  • ROBUST INSTALLATION - Install the included quick-snap bracket, set the unit on the bracket, and secure the sidearms. Then you are all done and ready to enjoy. Available for single-hung or double-hung windows with width 22"-36", minimal height at 13.75"

If you don’t like taking chances and looking to purchase an air conditioner from one of the best brands, check out Kenmore. Kenmore appliances not only assure you superior cooling and high durability but are also easy to install.

The Kenmore 77185 unit covers all these features and offers more. An excellent choice for spaces up to 1050 square feet, this model provides a cooling capacity of 18,500 BTUs and a heating capacity of 16,000 BTUs. With this heat and air window units, you have more control over the airflow. 

Each of the cooling, heating, and fan functions possesses three speeds so that you can adjust the comfort level of the environment exactly as you want it. Plus, the 4-way direction louvers give you greater control over the direction of the airflow in the room.


  • High heating and cooling capacities
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Offers greater control over the intensity and direction of airflow


  • Doesn’t include the slide-out chassis

Wrap Up

To sum up, this window air conditioner with heat reviews is intended to help you make an informed decision. Not all units are created equal, so it’s wise to find the best ac heater window unit that fits both your needs and budget.

Even when buying the best window air conditioner with heat, you still need to consider both the cooling and heating capacities. Check the size of the room the AC cools, and the heater warms because it’s not always the same.

Besides checking the basic features, make sure you go through the additional features as well. If there’s a model that balances all your requirements, then that’s the one that you should go for.

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