5 Space Heaters That Won’t Trip Breaker

A space heater tripping breaker is one of the most stressful and dangerous problems you’re likely to face.

Not only does this issue prevent your electric heater from keeping your room warm, but it can also lead to countless other hazards if they are mishandled.

If you want to avoid these problems, consider choosing a space heater that won’t trip breaker. And in this article, we have reviewed some of the best models you can check out

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

NewAir AH-400 Space Heater
This is a heater for small spaces that you can use under the desks or against the wall. It's a low-watt heater which means it won't trip the breaker. It's quiet and comes with an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature.

5 Space Heaters That Won’t Trip Breaker

Why Do Electric Space Heaters Keep Tripping Circuit Breakers?

There are several reasons why electric space heaters keep tripping circuit breakers. First, the electric space heater may be drawing a lot of current from the circuit.

Generally, space heaters are rated 1,500W.

If your heater draws a lot of current from the circuit, then the fuse automatically breaks the circuit to prevent you and the device from damage.

Overloads may occur when you have your heater on a dedicated circuit or a general one. If you have your heater on a general circuit, then the chances are that the other devices on the current may contribute to the problem.

General home appliances such as fridges and washing machines consume a lot of current from circuits. If you let such devices share a current with your space heater, the circuit will likely break. Make sure you know how many amps your heater uses because it needs a dedicated circuit.

On other occasions, your space heater may keep tripping the circuit breaker even if it is connected to a dedicated circuit.

This incident may occur because your heater merely consumes a lot of power and overloads the dedicated circuit. You will have to reset the circuit breaker to use your heater continually.

Alternatively, the circuit breaker itself may be quite old or even damaged. If the circuit breaker is faulty, it will keep on tripping even when your space heater is operating on the low heating mode.

How to Prevent an Electric Heater from Tripping Circuit Breakers

One, you can limit the number of devices that are on a general circuit. The total number of appliances on a general circuit determines whether there is enough capacity for all of them.

Your space heater draws about 12.5A of current from the circuit when operating on the high heating mode.

If you connect the heater to a standard 15A circuit, then it means that you can only use it with another device that draws minimal current from the circuit.

If you attempt to connect an appliance that needs 10A, the space heater will immediately trip the circuit breaker.

Two, try running the heater on the low heat setting. It is common for heaters to have several heating modes, including the low and eco modes.

When heaters are set on the low mode, they consume less power than when they run on the high mode.

However, you will have to bear with less heat produced if you choose to operate your heater on the low heat mode. If doing this does not compromise your home’s comfort, then it may be a wise idea to stick to it and minimize cases of your heater tripping the breaker.

What are the Signs of a Bad Circuit Breaker?

Having a faulty circuit breaker can greatly put you and your appliances at risk.

Luckily, replacing a circuit breaker is an easy job that any certified electrician can do for you. But before you get to that, you must be certain that your circuit breaker is faulty.

Here are a few vital signs that you should look out for.

  • Reduced performance of your appliances. The way some appliances in your home, including electric jugs and washing machines, function may point to a faulty circuit breaker. If your washing machine repeatedly stops mid-cycle or your jug does not heat the water to the required temperature, then the chances are that there is a problem with your circuit breaker.
  • Flickering lights. If the lights in your home keep flickering, then there may be a problem with your circuit breaker. Commonly, flickering lights occur together with reduced performance in some of your appliances. If you have all these signals in your home, then it may be time to check your circuit breaker for any fault.
  • Burning smell. The smell of burning cables and plastics may indicate that there is a problem with your circuit breaker. If the breaker cannot effectively cut out the power supply, overheating appliances may produce a burning smell. If you have a burning smell in your house, get an electrician to check your circuit breaker.

How Do you Know if a Circuit Breaker Needs to be Replaced?

First, if your panel has not been serviced for more than ten years, you need to replace your circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are designed to last for many years.

However, the longevity of circuit breakers does not mean that you do not need to replace them. If your circuit breakers are over ten years old, then get an electrician to assess and possibly replace them.

Two, if your circuit breaker has physical damage signs, then it is time to replace it. The signs may be in the form of damaged wires or missing parts.

Using a physically damaged circuit breaker exposes you to the danger of fire outbreaks because the device may fail to break the circuit when there is an overload.

Three, if the breaker does not stay on the reset mode for a long time, get an electrician to replace it. The problem may either be in the circuitry’s wiring or that the circuit breaker itself is faulty.

Other safety precautions to take when running an electric heater

  • Do not use your heater on an extension cord. Extension cords are not designed to handle the heavy amperage and wattage needs of devices like heaters. If you connect your heater to an extension cable, you will likely experience an overload and possibly a fire outbreak resulting from the cable failing to maintain the heater.
  • Keep combustible materials away from the heater. Ensure that the materials which can easily catch fire are nowhere near your heaters. Such materials can cause fire outbreaks in your home if they get into contact with the hot surface of an electric heater.
  • Switch the heater off when it is not in use. It is wise to unplug and store your space heater safely when you are not using it to minimize the chances of accidents occurring.

5 Best Space Heaters That Won’t Trip Breaker

1. NewAir AH-400 Space Heater

NewAir Portable Heater - 400-watt Under Desk...
  • [SLIM DESIGN IS A REAL SPACE SAVER] - This powerful heater fits under your desk to deliver heat directly into your workspace. Its slim frame is designed to warm your entire body and give plenty of leg room to stay cozy and comfortable at your desk.
  • [SILENTLY DOES ITS JOB SO YOU CAN DO YOURS] - Don’t worry about disrupting your coworkers or loosing your concentration; it uses diathermic oil rather than a fan to send heat into your personal workspace.
  • [ENERGY EFFICIENT TO CUT DOWN COSTS] - This energy efficient heater uses 400-watts of energy to help you save on your electricity bills.
  • [SMART SAFETY FEATURES TO HEAT IN PEACE] - The under desk heater comes with an automatic shut-off function to prevent the risk of overheating. It also comes with a tip over kill switch to turn off the heater, preventing accidents from happening.
  • [PORTABLE FEATURES TO PUT IN THE PERFECT PLACE] - You can easily take your portable heater with you thanks to its portable features. The handle allows you to grab-and-go to your next location. Plus, its lightweight body makes it easy to move.

The NewAir AH-400 Space Heater is a small and easy-to-use heater designed for personalized heating in the office or home. You can conveniently place it under your desk at the office and enjoy a comfortable environment while working.

It has very few and perfectly positioned controls, including a thermostat. You can use the thermostat to adjust the heating performance of the device according to your preferences. It is easy to control the heater’s performance and minimize the electric power that it utilizes.

The NewAir AH-400 Space Heater does not have a fan; therefore, you will not have to worry about the noise produced by large heaters with inbuilt fans. You can comfortably use this heater even in the bedroom or anywhere else where silence is critical.

Although the NewAir AH-400 Space Heater can be an ideal source of instant heat, you cannot rely on it to warm relatively large spaces. It will be necessary to get a bigger space heater if you have a large area that needs to be heated.


  • It has an adjustable thermostat for personalizing its performance
  • Ultra-silent operation because the heater does not have a fan
  • Easy to use because of its compact design


  • Its heating capacity is limited to spaces that do not exceed 40 square feet

2. Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko MyHeat Personal Mini Space Heater for Home...
  • ✅【KEEPS YOU WARM AT WORK】At 200-Watts and 682 BTUs, this low wattage mini space heater is ideal for use under the desk to keep your feet and legs warm. Best of all, because it’s low wattage, it won’t keep tripping the office circuit breaker every time you turn it on
  • ✅【YOUR PERSONAL SPACE HEATER】At 6 inches tall with a 4” x 4” footprint, this cute, small electric heater takes up minimal desktop space and is intended to heat up your immediate space at home or the office. Designed to warm you, not a room. For that, we recommend getting a Lasko 1500-Watt tower heater
  • ✅【EASY TO USE】No assembly required. Simply take it out of the box and plug it in to a standard 120v wall outlet. This energy-efficient, indoor ceramic heater draws about 2 amps and turns on with a flip of a switch. Compact and portable, MyHeat comes with a 6-foot cord and a 2-pronged plug. It’s also easily stored when not in use
  • ✅【YEAR ROUND USE】Tired of always being cold at work in the winter? Is your cube right under the AC vent in the summer? If this sounds familiar, then this little heater is just what you need to keep you comfortable year-round. Produces a quiet, white noise that won’t disrupt your co-workers. MyHeat is available in 4 fun colors (black, white, blue, and purple) and makes for a great gift
  • ✅【TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS】Lasko has been making quality products for over 100 years. MyHeat is ETL Listed and comes with Automatic Overheat Protection. The on/off switch lights up to let you know the unit is on. The self-regulating, safe ceramic heating element keeps the exterior cool to the touch – taking the worry out of using the heater for long periods of time

It is quite economical to own and use the Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater. The device has multiple heating settings that you can use to personalize its performance to your heating requirements.

Moreover, it only draws two amps of electric current from the circuit. This low level of power needs means that you can conveniently use this heater in a general circuit with many other appliances as long as the total load does not exceed the circuit’s capacity.

The Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater has inbuilt safety features, including overheat protection. The overheat protection feature prevents fire accidents by automatically switching the heater off when the internal temperature rises to dangerous levels.

You cannot use the Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater to warm the entire room. This small heater is designed to provide personal heating in small spaces. If you would like to heat the whole room, then it would be proper to get a bigger brand of a space heater and not this one.


  • It has inbuilt features, including overheat protection
  • Comes in four different colors for great aesthetic value
  • Very economical to use because it uses the only 2A of current


  • Unsuitable for heating entire rooms

3. EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel - with...
  • SAVE UP TO 50% OF YOUR HOME HEATING COSTS: Lower your energy bills and still feel cozy and warm with our electric heater. Our flat heaters are ENERGY EFFICIENT, consuming 0.4 KW/HR., which is less than 1/3 of the electricity than conventional space heaters. This method will lower your energy bills with great savings and will keep the room with constant ambient warmth.
  • CONVECTOR HEATER SPECS: Ideal for a 120 sq. ft. room, 400 watts, 120 volts, 3.33 amps. Panel Heater Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5 x ¼”. cETL approved. UL-2021 & RoHS compliant. HEAT REFLECTOR INCLUDED, temperature ranges between 41-86 °F. This unit may be HARD WIRED! We offer a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: This electric wall heater operates at a constant temperature persistently. It ignites with minimal radiant heat which transmits to convection currents that rise from behind the heating panel and circulates heated air around the room. WE RECOMMEND BUYING THE HEAT GUARD ACCESSORY to go along with this heater because it doubles the efficiency of the convection currents, and its exterior casings stay warm and safe to touch.
  • UPDATED CRACK RESISTANT VERSION: This upgraded durable model is TRIPLE REINFORCED and made with a superior calcium silicate material. TRIPLE INSULATED for electrical safety. EASY TO MOUNT on any wall (Installation hardware Included). Enjoy the beautiful sleek PAINTABLE DESIGN which blends in with any décor.
  • NO FAN THAT DRIES OUT: Asthma and dust allergy sufferers can enjoy warmth without irritation since the air will not dry out, nor will dust circulate around the room. Perfect for all indoor rooms, including bathroom, bedrooms, office, garage, and RV.

If you are looking for a small but highly effective heater with excellent power-saving features, then you may choose the EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel.

It is a wall-mountable heater with great features that you can take advantage of to enjoy a cozy indoor environment.

Notably, the heater rapidly and evenly heats relatively large areas that measure up to 120 square feet. Moreover, it does not have a fan that makes heaters noisy and uncomfortable for asthma people. It is ideal to have this heater mounted on the wall in your bedroom and office.

The only drawback of using this heater relates to its installation. Although it comes with all the hardware that you need to get it mounted on the wall, you may find this process too technical if you are not experienced in the field. Get a certified technician to get the heater up and running.


  • The heater can warm relatively large spaces that measure up to 120 square feet
  • It does not take any space on the floor because it is mounted on the wall
  • Completely silent operation because the heater does not have a fan


  • The wall mounting procedure is complex

4. Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater

Heat Storm Deluxe Space 1000 Watt Infrared Wall...
  • EFFECTIVE HEAT - Our infrared space heaters warm objects instead of just the air! This will help your room stay warm even after the heater turns off.
  • SAFE TOUCH GRILL - That’s because our grills are made out of material that doesn’t burn skin. Our heaters also automatically shut off power if it tips over.
  • MODERN DESIGN - wall mount design means you don't lose floor space. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - LED display shows you what the ambient temperature is and helps regulate the temperature efficiently. (goes to dark mode after 5 minutes of no activity) Included remote control allows you to control the temperature with ease
  • COMPACT - Uses less than 2 square feet of wall space and plugs into a normal 110v outlet. When installed over the outlet, you can hide the cord behind the heater.
  • This heater comes with a 1 year manufacturer
  • 1000 WATTS of power and 3400 BTU. As a primary heat source: Up to 100 sq. ft of zone heating (in a well-insulated room). As a supplemental heat source: Up to 500 sq. ft of zone heating (depending on room insulation)

One of the most significant features of the Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater is its design.

Its modern design with an elegant style and crisp white finish blend perfectly with all interior décor styles. The heater can easily enhance your room’s general feel when properly mounted at a strategic location on the wall.

It is straightforward to use this heater, thanks to its design and remote control inclusion. When mounted on the wall, you can hide the cable behind the body of the heater. The remote control provides a convenient way of controlling the performance of the heater from a distance.

Sadly, you cannot use this heater in large areas because it is designed to instantly warm small spaces. It is also impossible to carry out zonal heating because the heater is mounted on the wall. Therefore, you will have to obtain other more powerful heaters if you have a large room.


  • The modern design and elegant style provide aesthetic value
  • The heater has inbuilt safety features, including cool to touch
  • It comes with remote control for easy operation


  • Low heating capacity

5. HOME_CHOICE Personal Ceramic Space Heater

De'Longhi Dragon Digital Oil Filled Radiator...
  • Digital control panel with LED display for easy selection includes all the available functions and 24 hour timer.
  • De'Longhi Exclusive: 75% more radiant surface area than RadiaS due to unique design*- the more radiant surface= the more heat transferred to you and your environment
  • Quick Heat Up: Warm air is rapidly distributed thanks to the increased convection heating effect and exclusive battery design.
  • Better Heating- delivers gentle heat minimizing dry air, creating a better breathing environment that is more allergy friendly with no fan to stir up dust, pollen and dander.
  • Integrated handle and control panel allow you to easily operate and relocate your heater at any time during or after use.
  • Exclusive ECO Plus feature optimizes energy consumption by regulating power flow and temperature to efficiently manage your comfort
  • Ergonomic Portability: Enjoy easy movement from room to room thanks to ergonomic front and rear handles Exclusive Smart Snap wheels require no installation and are rubber coated for smooth transition between surfaces.
  • 1500 watts of Long lasting, quiet heat for small to medium spaces
  • Built-in Safety Elements: Important safety features include child lock and a thermal cut-off function that turns off the machine in case of overheating. Additionally, when the temperature dips below 41 degrees F (5C), the Anti-freeze setting automatically switches on the heater
  • Durable & Low Maintenance: High quality steel assembly and permanently-sealed diathermic oil reservoir never needs refilling. A specialized multilayered painting process provides a complete, corrosive resistant finish.

The HOME_CHOICE Personal Ceramic Space Heater is a great device you can use to warm small indoor spaces instantly. It has a powerful ceramic heating element that generates a lot of heat instantly to keep you and your friends warm fast even when the room’s ambient temperature is low.

You will enjoy the convenience that comes with carrying your small heater around the place. It is easy to carry out zonal heating by keeping the heater under your desk close to your feet or even on the top of any flat surface.

The heater can still be useful even during those hot summer days when you do not need additional heat. You can set it on the fan-only mode and enjoy the cool breeze generated by its powerful fan.

Although it is easy to carry the heater around the house and do zonal heating, this comes at a price. Your HOME_CHOICE Personal Ceramic Space Heater will often fall because of its small size. You will have to keep it out of people’s way to avoid such accidents from occurring frequently.


  • High portability because of its compact design
  • It has three heat settings, including fan-only mode
  • Provides instant heating because of the use of a ceramic heating element


  • The heater is prone to falling when knocked

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