Best Quiet Garage Heater Reviews 2022

If you’re looking to heat your garage or workshop, you may want to consider a quiet garage heater. This is especially important if you have a bedroom above the garage or want total silence as you’re working on your projects during the cold months.

Electric garage heaters are great options if you only want a supplemental heater. While they’re one of the quietest heaters, they’re also generally more expensive than gas in almost all of North America.

The next best alternatives would be natural gas and propane wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted heaters. The initial cost of these heaters is a bit high, but they are energy efficient and operate quietly.

What Type of Space Heater is the Quietest?

You can determine the type of space heater that is the quietest by considering certain factors and general rules. Electric heaters are more silent than gas heaters because they do not have a combustion chamber.

Gas heaters manually burn natural gas or propane to produce heat energy. When gases get burned in the combustion chamber of gas heaters, it makes a distinctive noise that may distract some people. The noise is loud enough to be noticed by individuals who have a normal conversation in a room.

Electric heaters do not have a combustion chamber. Although some electric heaters produce a low buzzing sound, they are quieter than gas heaters.

Heaters that have inbuilt fans are noisier than those which do not have such systems. Although fans are supposed to speed up the process by which heated air is distributed within spaces, they end up creating a distinctive noise.

The level of noise produced by fans in heaters corresponds to their power. Highly powerful fans that can distribute heated air across large spaces make more noise than small ones.

Heaters that do not have fans are quiet but lack the capacity to distribute heat across large areas. As a result, such heaters are only suitable for warming small indoor spaces.

In principle, electric heaters without fans are the quietest. Conversely, gas heaters with inbuilt fan systems are the noisiest because of the fans’ combined effect and the combustion process in the chamber.

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How can I Make my Heater Quieter?

If your heater is quite noisy for any reason, it is possible to reduce the noise and enjoy a comfortable environment.

Here are a few tips on how you can make a heater quieter.

  • Fix the motor. A faulty or old motor is one of the most common sources of noise in heaters. When the motor ages, it loses lubrication, and some of its parts become loose. If you can fix the faulty parts of the meter and lubricate it again, then the noise level will reduce dramatically. In most cases, it is advisable to replace your heater’s motor as a way of dealing with the noise.
  • Check the air ducts. If the air ducts get small for any reason, your heater will start producing a loud hissing sound. This type of sound is a result of inadequate intake of air through the ducts. You will have to either replace the duct system of your heater to minimize the noise resulting from the low airflow.
  • Ensure the filters are clean. Clogged filters make a hissing sound when air passes through them. The most effective and reliable way of dealing with this problem is replacing the furnace filters. Having super clean furnace filters will help make your heater quieter than when you have dirt-clogged ones.

Quiet Garage Heater Reviews

1. Modine HD 45AS0111FBAN Hd100 Hot Dawg Unit Heater

Modine HD 45AS0111FBAN Hd100 Hot Dawg Unit Heater,...
  • Package weight :1.0 lbs
  • Package height :6.0 "
  • Package length :12.0 "
  • Package width :12.0 "

The Modine distinctive HD 45AS0111FBAN is a small heater with excellent heating capability.

With a BTU rating of 45,000, this heater can adequately warm the space in standard two-car garages without producing any noise. The motor is permanently oiled to ensure that you do not have to worry about routine maintenance procedures.

This device has an exceptional efficiency rate of 80%. This efficiency level is vital if you consider that you may have to keep the heater on for a long time inside the garage. Thanks to the high efficiency rate, it is possible to keep the heating costs low.

Moreover, you can efficiently heat the garage when using this heater by using the 30, 60, and 90-degree downward air deflector hood. Remember that the deflector hoods are sold separately.

It may be wise to contact a certified technician to help you install this heater. Doing this may be necessary, particularly if you would like to use natural gas. The level of venting required may be too complex to be handled by anyone who does not have a good level of experience. But you can check venting garage heater through wall guide to help you therough the process


  • Powerful heating enough for warming 1,000 square feet of space
  • High-efficiency rate of 80%
  • Compact design and neutral color enhance the aesthetic value of the heater


  • Requires occasional maintenance procedures
  • Sophisticated installation process if natural gas is used as the fuel

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2. Empire Comfort Console Room Heater RH35LP

Empire Comfort Console Room Heater RH35LP - Liquid...
  • Optional internal blower available separately for purchase for added circulation (Empire Model #DRB1)
  • 35,000 Btu/Standing Pilot
  • Hydraulic Thermostat
  • Dimensions: 26" (H) x 37" (W) x 15.5" (D)
  • 4" Flue Collar

One of the most notable features of the Empire Comfort Console Room Heater RH35LP is an internal blower’s availability.

When installed, the blower increases this device’s heating performance because it ensures even distribution of heat. Sadly, you will have to purchase the accessory separately to enjoy even warmth across the garage when using the heater.

It is also very convenient to use this heater in your garage. It has a matchless standing pilot ignition system that one can use to light the heater promptly.

The hydraulic thermostat functions even when there is no electric power supply, enabling users to program the heater according to the heating requirements.

The inbuilt safety features, including the automatic shut-off functionality, work well in preventing the occurrence of fires in case the heater overheats. Also, the heater’s surface remains cool to the touch even when the heater runs for a long time.


  • The heater has inbuilt safety features, including automatic shut off functionality
  • The piezo ignition system and hydraulic thermostat increases the level of convenience
  • The optional internal blower can be used to maximize heating performance


  • The internal blower is sold separately

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3. Rinnai FC824N Vent-Free Space Heater

Rinnai FC824N Ventless Natural Gas Heater,...
  • Efficient Heating: Our small space heater provides powerful warmth in compact rooms; With its warm air outlet and bottom front louvers, it effectively heats up any indoor area, ensuring you stay comfortable during the chilly seasons
  • Smart Control: Enjoy precise temperature control with our room heater's programmable thermostat display; The digital adaptive control on this indoor heater adapts to your heating needs, while a self-diagnostics feature means hassle-free maintenance
  • Peace of Mind: Our wall heater is designed with your safety in mind with a flame failure device, overheat switch, oxygen depletion sensor, and tilt switch, which automatically disable gas/power if the device overheats, overturns, or is extinguished
  • Professional Installation Recommended: Visit the Find a Rinnai PRO page on our website to locate a qualified technician in your area to install your heater; We do not recommend installing a heater without a technician
  • Reliable Heating Solution - Experience the convenience and reliability of our small heater. Its cool-to-touch child-safe cabinet with a safety lock ensures peace of mind, while its ventless and ductless design make installation simple

If you are looking for a uniquely designed heater with excellent performance and safety scores for your garage, it is worth trying the Rinnai FC824N. Its modern design with a beige finish blends perfectly with any décor style if you are keen on the aesthetic value of heaters used in the garage.

Interestingly, this heater has all the safety features that you would expect to find in a robust garage heater. The automatic shutoff system keeps the heater and users safe in case there is an incident of overheating. The tip-over protection helps to keep the users safe by automatically shutting off the heater if it falls.

This heater is quite unstable because of its slim base. It quickly falls when knocked because the narrow base does not provide the much-needed stability, given the heater’s cabinet design. Luckily, it has the tip-over protection feature that is automatically activated if the heater falls.


  • Modern cabinet design with the beige finish enhances its aesthetic value
  • Easy to operate using the push button and electric ignition system
  • Effective heating with an input BTU rating of between 8,000 and 22,000


  • The heater is unstable because of the slim base

4. Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater

The Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater is one of the most versatile, efficient, and easy-to-maintain heaters suitable for garages. It has an excellent input BTU rating of between 11,000 and 20,000 with an inbuilt thermostat that complements this high heating capacity.

You can use the thermostat to program the ideal temperature range. This heater should operate to minimize your heating expenses and maintain a comfortable working environment inside the garage. The programmable timer helps one to keep the heater on or off for the desired period.

If you need to warm a large space, then all you need to do is move the heater to the required place. Its compact design and small footprint ease moving the heater across different locations within a room.

Although you do not need to carry out heavy maintenance procedures on this heater, you may undoubtedly have to procure a technician’s services to help you install it. The installation process requires a reasonable degree of technical knowledge.


  • It is made of heavy-duty steel and die-cast aluminum for durability
  • Customized heating using the inbuilt thermostat and a programmable timer
  • No heavy maintenance procedures required


  • The installation process is sophisticated

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5. Mr. Heater F272700 40, 000 BTU Propane Garage Heater #MH40LP

No products found.

The Mr. Heater F272700 can be the best solution if all you need is a robust wall or ceiling-mountable infrared heater. It comes with brackets for mounting on the wall or ceiling according to your preference.

Once the mounting is appropriately done, the heater can adequately warm relatively large spaces that measure up to 1,000 square feet.

Because the heater does not have a fan for aiding the dispersion of heat, it operates silently. Heaters that have fans tend to produce a lot of noise as the fan speeds up heat distribution.

Luckily, infrared heating technology works by directly transferring heat to objects in the room. Thus, it takes very few minutes for your garage’s temperature to rise to the desired levels if you switch on this heater.

As it is the case with vented heaters, installing the Mr. Heater F272700 is a demanding process. It is wise to let a certified HVAC professional do it for you. This is a small price to pay, given that you need a long-lasting heater that requires minimal maintenance procedures for your garage.


  • Excellent heating capacity of 40,000 BTU rating
  • Efficient and fast infrared heating for zonal or spot heating
  • Completely silent operation because the heater does not have a fan


  • Highly technical installation procedures

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Wrap Up

Finding a quiet garage heater isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. However, the level of noise a heater produces is an important factor to consider, but it’s not as important as the type of heater you choose, heating capacity, and energy efficiency of the heater.

All electric heaters produce a little bit of noise during operation. However, fan-forced heaters are noisy than radiant, oil-filled heaters, or baseboard heaters. These heaters excel at heating large rooms efficiently with little noise interruption.