Best Heater For 500 Square Feet – Reviews & Top Picks 2022

Want to find the best heater for 500 square feet?

It’s important to choose a space heater rated for the approximate square footage or dimensions of your room.

If your heater is too large, it’ll consume a lot of energy, leading to higher heating bills in winter. If it’s too small, it’ll struggle to reach your set temperature, overheating, or heating your space inadequately.

If you know the size of your space and you’re sure it’s 500 sq. ft the products I recommend in this guide will help you stay warm and comfortable in the winter.

Let’s get started with this product review!

Best Heater for 500 Square Feet Comparison

How to Pick the Perfect Size Space Heater for your Room

Using the best space heater for 500 square feet garage

Finding the perfect size of a space heater for your room can help you experience a comfortable environment and minimize the costs of heating the house.

Using small heaters will force you to either get additional ones or keep the device on for very long periods. This usually translates into huge electricity bills. Here is a simple guide for picking the perfect-sized heater for your room.

Determine the Size of your Room

The size of the room in square feet is an important value that you can use to determine the right size of a heater to use.  The value is the product of the length and width in feet.

Measure the length and width of your room and multiply the values to get the area. If the length and width of your room are 12 feet by 12 feet, then the area of the room is 144 square feet.

Calculate the Wattage

It is important to determine the heating requirements of your room in terms of wattage. The rule of thumb is that 1 square feet space requires 10w of power.

The wattage requirements of the space heater can be determined by multiplying the area with the number 10. If the area of your room is 144 square feet, then its wattage requirement is 1,440w.

This means that you should go for heaters that are at least 1,440w. In practice, electric heaters come with 1,500w and an option of operating at 750w.

Determine the Height of the Ceiling

If your ceiling is the standard 8 feet high, then you do not need extra heat to maintain the temperature within the living zone of the space within the required levels.

However, if the ceiling is higher than 8 feet, then you need to factor in the amount of energy required to heat the extra space.

A standard rule is that you need an additional 25% wattage to heat every additional 2 feet space. If you have determined the wattage requirements of your room (by multiplying the width and length with 10) as 1,000w and realize that the ceiling is 10 feet high, then you should factor in the additional space. The total wattage requirements of the room would be 1,000w plus 250w.


How well a room is insulated affects the amount of heat energy that is needed to keep the living space warm. For rooms that have standard insulation, you do need to consider adjusting the heating requirements.

However, if a room has a faulty opening that lets in lots of cold air currents, then it would be wise to increase the wattage requirements by 20%. Conversely, reduce the wattage requirements by 20% if your room is heavily insulated.

The Prevailing Temperature

The prevailing weather condition directly influence the heating requirements of your room. In turn, you should factor them when determining the amount of wattage required to keep the home warm.

If you live in areas that are generally cold (average temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is advisable to use the factor of 15 instead of 10 when determining the heating requirements of the room.

If you factor in all these issues, it is straightforward to determine the accurate wattage needs of your room. You can then simply look for a heater with matching wattage.

Which Type of Heater Do I Need for my Home?

Getting the right type of heater for your home is necessary to enjoy a comfortable environment. However, there are many types of heaters available on the market. All of them are suitable for specific purposes because of their features.

To ensure that you do not end up with a heater that is ill-suited for your home, it is important to consider several factors.

Here are a few things that you need to look at when selecting the right type of heater for your home.

Convective Heaters

Convective electric heaters have inbuilt fans that are used to blow the heated air across the room. It takes longer for the fans to effectively distribute the heated air across large indoor spaces. However, once the ambient temperature is achieved, these heaters can successfully maintain it for a long time. Because of the use of the fan, convective heaters are usually louder than the other types of space heaters.

Fuel-Burning Heaters

Fuel-burning heaters utilize natural gas, propane, or even wood to produce heat. If you install a fuel-burning heater in your house, you do not have to worry about the high costs of using electricity to heat the home. However, installing, maintaining, and using fuel-burning heaters are detailed processes.

Moreover, they require a lot of space and, in some cases, modifications of the house. It is because of these reasons that fuel-burning heaters are not commonly used to provide heat in small indoor spaces.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant space heaters produce infrared radiation to directly warm objects within a room. The heated objects in turn warm the air within the living zone of a room. As a result, a comfortable environment is created quickly and maintained as long as the heater is on.

Some radiant heaters have additional features, including a blower and a motor for the oscillation of the heating element. The oscillation of the heating element ensures even distribution of heat within a room in which the heater is placed.

Oil Filled Heaters

Oil filled space heaters operate by transferring heat energy to oil. The oil, which functions as the filler, dissipates the accumulated heat for a long time. This happens because oil can effectively soak up a lot of heat energy and then release it slowly.

Radiant Floor Heaters

Radiant floor heaters have a system of pipes and either an electric heating element or a fluid such as water. For steam heaters, the water is heated to produce steam. The hot steam is then channeled through the pipe network to increase the surface area of the air that is warmed. Electric radiator heaters have a heating element embedded in the pipe network.

Factors to Consider when Buying a 500 Sq Ft Heater


A thermostat helps you to personalize the performance of your space heater. Once you select the ideal heating temperature, your space heater will maintain it automatically. Always go for electric heaters that have inbuilt digital thermostats. It is easy to adapt their performance to the heating requirements of your indoor space.


Timers in heaters help users to determine when the heater should be on or off. It is easier to use and personalize heaters that have timers than those which do not have this feature. You can program your heater to turn on a certain time (mostly up to 12 hours) to maintain a cozy environment at home.


Go for heaters that have adjustable louvers. The adjustable louvers can be used to direct the direction in which heated air is released. Thus, you can adjust the louvers to ensure effective zonal heating at home. This minimizes the overall costs of keeping your indoor space warm because it eliminates cold spots.

Safety Features

Go for heaters that have advanced safety features, including cool-to-touch, tip-protection, and overheat protection. The tip protection feature prevents the occurrence of fires by automatically triggering the heater to shut off if it is knocked down. The cool-to-touch feature helps to keep the surface of the heater cool so that anyone who touches it does not get burned. The automatic shut-off feature protects the heater against the effects of overheating.

Aesthetic Value

Because electric heaters are usually very prominent when positioned in indoor spaces, it is necessary to think about their effect on your general indoor décor. Go for heaters whose colors, design, and finish matches with your interior décor style.

You can also decide to use an electric heater as a focal point in your room. This requires one to carefully consider the design of the heater and type of furniture in the house.

Where to Place a Space Heater

Where to place a 500 sq ft heaterWhere you place your heater depends on several factors, including the type of the device, availability of children at home, and the size of the room. Also, personal preferences determine where a heater can be placed.

On the Wall

Wall-mountable heaters come with all the hardware that you need to install them on the wall. Mounting such heaters on the wall is easy and straightforward. Moreover, the heaters are lighter than those which are designed to be used on the ground. Some electric heaters can either be mounted on the wall or used as free-standing ones.

Standing on the Floor

Free-standing and portable heaters can be placed anywhere in the room where there is enough space. The bases of free-standing heaters are strong enough to keep the devices stable. The main challenge of placing your heater on the floor is that kids and pets can easily access it.

Also, it is easy for a heater that is standing on the floor to get knocked down by accident. Luckily, many electric heaters that can be placed on the floor have the tip-protection feature to prevent the occurrence of fires if the heater accidentally falls.

On Tables, Desktops or any Other Raised, Flat Surface

Heaters that are designed to placed on tables are light and easy to carry from one place to another. Placing such heaters on the table helps to keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

7 Best Heater for 500 Square Feet

1. NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

Newair Electric Garage Heater, Adjustable...
  • [RUGGED EXTERIOR BUILT TO LAST] - The hard-shell exterior is made from heavy-duty material that is built to last, especially in tough climates and work conditions.
  • [SAFETY FEATURES FOR PEACE OF MIND] - This heater is considered one of the safest on the market and is our customers tried-and-true favorite. It is ETL certified for electrical safety, and comes with overheating protection, so rest assured you have one of the most trusted heaters available.
  • [HARDWIRED TO YOUR 30 AMP BREAKER] - The NewAir G73 doesn’t come with any of the maintenance issues of a propane heater. Once your heater is hardwired to your 30-amp breaker, your warm workspace is only a switch away.
  • [AMBIENT HEAT CONTROL WITH ADJUSTABLE LOUVERS] - The 240 Volt heater brings direct heat anywhere in your garage with the adjustable louvers and tilt head. If you happen to be sitting in one location while you work, you can make sure the heat is sent to the exact spot you need. Or you can turn the louvers completely open to allow heat to travel everywhere.
  • [MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED] - Comes with a mounting bracket for you to place it on the wall or ceiling of your workspace. This way you can stay toasty and safe with a heater hidden from busy work areas.

The NewAir G73 is a small but sturdy electric heater suitable for effectively heating indoor spaces that measure up to 500 square feet.

Its tough-looking exterior with a sturdy design complements the stainless steel to ensure that the heater survives in harsh working environments such as garages and similar workspaces.

Moreover, the heater’s rugged look helps to deliver value for your money because you do not have to replace the heater often.

It is very easy to install and use this heater. It comes with the brackets for mounting it either on the wall or roof of your building. The installation process is straightforward if you have basic knowledge of working with wall- or roof-mountable heaters.

Moreover, the NewAir G73 has a powerful fan that can be used to complement the adjustable louvers and ensure even distribution of heat. You can direct the heat from the device to any direction in the room.


  • Highly durable because of the ruggedness
  • The adjustable louvers allow one to direct the heat in any direction
  • It has a powerful fan for effective and even distribution of heat


  • The fan of the heater it quite noisy

2. Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI WiFi Infrared Wall Heater

Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI Infrared Wi-Fi Heater,...
  • EFFECTIVE HEAT - Our infrared space heaters warm objects instead of just the air! This will help your room stay warm even after the heater turns off.
  • SAFE TOUCH GRILL - That’s because our grills are made out of material that doesn’t burn skin. Our heaters also automatically shut off power if it tips over.
  • MODERN DESIGN - wall mount design means you don't lose floor space. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - LED display shows you what the ambient temperature is and helps regulate the temperature efficiently. (goes to dark mode after 5 minutes of no activity) Included remote control allows you to control the temperature with ease
  • COMPACT - Uses less than 2 square feet of wall space and plugs into a normal 110v outlet. When installed over the outlet, you can hide the cord behind the heater.
  • 1000 WATTS of power and 3400 BTU. As a primary heat source: Up to 100 sq. ft of zone heating (in a well-insulated room). As a supplemental heat source: Up to 500 sq. ft of zone heating (depending on room insulation)

The Heat Storm HS-1000-WX can be your ideal choice if you are keen on getting a heater that complements your interior décor. It has a modern design with a white finish that gives it a sleek look.

You can effectively take advantage of its design and look and use it as a focal point in your living room.

Apart from the great aesthetic value, this heater has several other features that make it stand out from others with similar heating capacity.

Since it’s Wi-Fi compatible, you can easily adjust the heating and performance settings using your smartphone. This gives you added convenience because you do not have to use the manual controls to change its performance.

However, this heater is not ideal for use in harsh environments such as workshops and garages. It lacks the sturdiness and ruggedness that you would expect to find in a heater designed for use in such spaces. You can only use it for heating standard indoor areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.


  • The heater has remote control features, including Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Advanced safety features, including automatic shutoff and cool-to-touch
  • Modern design with a sleek look is ideal for any interior décor style


  • It is not suitable for use under harsh conditions such as in garages

3. TRUSTECH Wall Mount Heater

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It is very easy to get this electric space heater up and running. It comes with the brackets for mounting on the wall and an already-attached base for keeping the heater stable on the floor.

Besides, its slim body means that the heater takes very little space when used as a freestanding space heater.

You will enjoy the fast and effective heating capabilities of this heater. The inbuilt turbofan is quite powerful and ensures even distribution of heat across spaces that measure up to 500 square feet. You can rely on this heater to keep any room in your home cozy.

It is easy to keep the costs of heating the home down when using this electric heater. You can work with the energy-saving mode and still keep the room warm.

Moreover, there are three other heating modes that you can use to ensure that the heater only produces the amount of heat needed to keep the living zone in your room warm.


  • Easy installation because it comes with brackets for wall mounting and a standing base
  • You can use the thermostat, timer, and energy-saving mode to maximize efficiency
  • Provides quick and effective heating, thanks to a turbofan


  • The fan of the heater is slightly noisy

4. NewAir G56 5600 Watt Garage Heater

NewAir Portable Heater (240V) Portable Electric...
  • [POWERFUL FAN FORCED HEATING] - With 5,600 watts of heating power, this electric garage heater packs a punch. It's strong enough to warm up to 600 square feet—perfect for a two-car garage or a 24x24 workshop or shed.
  • [RUGGED EXTERIOR BUILT TO LAST] - Black powder coated finish protects against scratches and scuffs, making this sturdy steel-bodied heater perfect for garages, workshops and light industrial environments. Alarm-No
  • [THERMOSTAT & AUTO-FAN TEMP CONTROL] - Set the temperature you want. Once the space has reached the ideal temperature, the fan will automatically kick-in as needed to keep your workshop warm. It’s that easy to get the heated working environment you need in winter.
  • [PORTABILITY FEATURES FOR FAR-RANGING HEAT] - Take advantage of 2 portable features: the cord wrap and carry handle. Together they make it easy for you to position or move your heater to the most ideal place in your garage, workshop, or shed.
  • [SAFETY FEATURES FOR PEACE OF MIND] - This UL-certified heater has an automatic shut-off function that prevents overheating. The outer construction stays cool after use to ensure safety for you and your space.

If you are looking for an electric heater for use in small workspaces, including garages and workshops, then the NewAir G56 may be a perfect choice.

Its rugged look and sturdiness are ideal for withstanding the effects of light industrial spaces. You do not have to worry about repairing or replacing the heater regularly. This will give you value for your money.

It is easy to use this heater. It comes with the brackets that you can use to mount it on the roof or wall of your indoor space. Alternatively, you can place it on the floor or any other flat surface such as tables and benches. However, remember that the surface of this heater becomes quite hot.

The heater has a powerful fan and a large heating range of between 45- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit. By adjusting the thermostat, you can effectively warm your space according to the heating requirements.


  • Great heating capacity with a powerful fan and a large temperature range of between 45- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Delivers value for money because of the sturdy design and the use of steel for the casing
  • You can either mount it on the roof or use it as a free-standing heater


  • The surface of the heater becomes quite hot

5. Dyna-Glo RA18LPDG 18,000 BTU Cabinet Heater

Dyna-Glo RA18LPDG 18,000 BTU Cabinet Heater, Black
  • 6,000 - 18,000 BTU
  • Heats up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Piezo Ignition with Heat Controls
  • Side Carry Handles
  • 3 Plaque Heating System
  • Front Safety Grill
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)

The Dyna-Glo RA18LPDG is an excellent propane burning heater for small outdoor spaces, including campsites. When connected to a 20lb tank of propane, this heater can warm spaces that measure up to 500 square feet for 64 hours.

It is quite easy to carry the Dyna-Glo RA18LPDG heater from one place to another, thanks to its compact cabinet design and the side handles.

This heater has all the standard safety features that you would expect to find in a propane burning heater. Most importantly, it has an oxygen depletion sensor that helps to prevent the production of excess carbon monoxide gas when the heater is used under low-oxygen conditions. Also, tip-over protection prevents the occurrence of fires when the heater accidentally falls.

The only notable drawback of this heater is that it is not the perfect solution for use in indoor spaces. Propane-burning heaters produce carbon monoxide; they are unsuitable for use in closed indoor spaces.


  • Excellent for outdoor use because of long runtimes and great portability
  • The heater has advanced safety features, including the oxygen depletion sensor and tip-over protection
  • Infrared heating is appropriate for providing warmth rapidly


  • The heater is not suitable for use in indoor spaces

6. Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Heater

Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Wall Heater Complete...
  • Powerful: At 4,000 Watts and 240 Volts, this heater delivers quality warmth to large-sized rooms.
  • Easy Installation: This heater connects to the wall can with two screws in a simple horizontal application.
  • Safe: Includes multi-watt options and a high-temperature safety shut-off feature for your peace of mind.
  • Contents: Includes one Cadet Com-Pak Twin Complete Wall Heater with a thermostat in white.
  • Durable: Proudly assembled in the USA and includes a 2-year warranty. California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

The Cadet Com-Pak Twin is ideal for use in hallways, alleys, and general indoor spaces, thanks to its small footprint, contemporary design, and mode of operation.

This heater is hardly recognizable when properly mounted on the wall. It recedes into the wall and its glossy white finish can blend perfectly with your interior color scheme.

The louvers and fan of the heater are quite useful in ensuring even distribution of heat inside a room. Because electric heaters are ideally used as sources of supplemental heat in homes, having one with a powerful fan and louvers helps to ensure successful zonal heating.

Although you can adjust the performance of this wall heater by turning the knob in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction, this is not an accurate way of personalizing the heating.

It is easier to personalize the performance of heaters that have inbuilt thermostats than those without, like the Cadet Com-Pak Twin.


  • Its contemporary design, white finish and recess mounts configuration can be used to enhance the interior look of a room
  • Effective and even heating, thanks to the fan and louvers


  • It does not have a digital thermostat

7. Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-966 240-Volt Hardwired Shop...
  • Heavy Duty 240V Single Phase 3000/6000W Commercial Electric Heater
  • Hardwired. Power cord not included in the unit
  • UL/CUL Listed Wall or Ceiling Mounted Heater. Bracket Included
  • Adjustable Thermostat with HIGH and LOW Setting
  • 5 Adjustable Louvers for to Direct Airflow

Dr. Heater DR966 is a powerful electric heater that can be used in garages, workshops, and other commercial places. It has a distinctive rugged look because of the use of stamped aluminum for making its casing.

Moreover, its 8-inch fan is powerful enough to blow the heated air in all directions of a room. This complements the adjustable louvers in ensuring even distribution of heat in spaces that measure up to 500 square feet.

However, you will have to bear with the noise when using this heater. Its large and powerful fan can be quite noisy when the heater is operating.

However, if you do not mind the noise, then this heater can be a great heating companion for warming the air in areas where light industrial and commercial activities take place.


  • It provides effective heating because of the adjustable louvers and an 8-inch powerful fan
  • Highly durable and low-maintenance
  • Comes with brackets for ceiling and wall mounting


  • It is quite noisy because of the large and powerful fan

Wrap Up

While space heaters are intended to supplement your primary heating unit, you can still find a good and best space heater for 500 square feet.

500 sq ft might seem a lot, but there are space heaters that can heat up to 1000 square feet. The most important thing is to size the heater according to your room.

Remember, space heaters are one of the leading causes of house fires in winter. For that reason, you want to take every precaution when using them.

Only choose heaters with safety features like automatic shut off and tip-over safety. If you have kids and pets, you may want to consider cool to touch space heaters.