Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Reviews 2020

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Central air conditioning unit is not always the most affordable option for most people. If you live in a small home or apartment, you can choose the best 15000 BTU window air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable.

Window air conditioners are the ideal choice for most rooms, especially if you have the necessary DIY skills to set them up on your windows. They are also fairly inexpensive to purchase and affordable to operate on a daily basis. Unlike portable units, they don’t take up space on your floor or require you to vent it outside.

When looking to purchase a window air conditioner, however, you have to determine the space you want to cool so you can choose the right capacity. Air conditioner capacity is measure is btus. A 15000 BTU air conditioner is ideal or rooms between 550 to 1050 square feet.

Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Reviews 2020

1. LG LW1516ER 15,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted AIR Conditioner

LG offers multiple effective and efficient room cooling alternatives to a traditional central air conditioning unit. They have gained a reputation for offering reliable units at fairly affordable prices. Most of their units have gained massive positive reviews on Amazon, including LG LW1516ER.

LG LW1516ER is specifically designed to cool spaces up to 800 square feet. It offers three cooling speed and three fan speed that allows you to customize its cooling so that it provides your preferred room temperature. It also comes with a dehumidifier function that will remove 3.3 pints of excess water from your room per hour.

Energy Efficiency Ratio is an important factor when choosing an air conditioner. It determines how efficient a unit will be. A high rating means the unit is more efficient, while a lower rating means it slightly efficient. Compared to other 15000 btu window air conditioners, LG LW1516ER is ranked among the most energy-efficient air conditioners not only because of its high 11.9 energy efficiency Ratio but also because it’s ENERGY STAR certified.

When it comes to user experience, LG LW1516ER is a winner. It has both push buttons and remote control that lets you personalize the settings according to your cooling needs. If you are not home or forgot to turn the unit off, the 24-hour timer will let you turn it on or off, depending on what you want.


  • Three cooling/fan speeds allow you to control the rate at which cool air circulates in your space
  • Four-way adjustable louvers for optimized airflow.
  • Dehumidifier mode provides dehumidification without additional cooling.
  • Patented anti-corrosion coating shield increases the unit’s lifespan
  • Both digital and push buttons
  • Superior energy efficiency ratio of 11.9
  • Whisper-quiet operation in low-speed settings
  • A fully programmable 24-hour timer with auto-restart 


  • It May not adequately cool large rooms, apartments, or multiple adjacent rooms.
  • Many people who have used old models might find the digital controls confusing
  • May not be the quietest especially if installed improperly (and to rectify the problems requires professional intervention)

2.  Friedrich Chill Series CP15G10B Window Air Conditioner

Not so many 15000 btu air conditioners are stylish, sophisticated and provide consistent air distribution for even cooling in large spaces like the Friedrich Chill Series CP15G10B Window Air Conditioner. It’s part of the premium line of air conditioners that offers a mix of power, efficiency, and durability.

The Friedrich Chill Series CP15G10B produces minimal noise that you can hardly heat, making it the perfect option for light sleepers who need silence during the night. 

One of the things that you will love about this window air conditioner is that it can be installed in a wall or window. The window dimensions should be 30.3 x 25.5 x 16.9 inches, and the room should be approximately 700 square feet.

One of the main problems with window air conditioners is the uneven distribution of cold air. With this unit, you don’t have to adjust the direction of the unit to cool a specific zone in your room because it has Auto Air Sweep swing louvers that provide consistent and even distribution of air across the room.

This unit is energy efficient thanks to the money-saving features that it has. The 24-hour timer allows you to turn the AC on or off when you need to cool or stop cooling at your specified time. It also has a remote control that lets you adjust the temperature and other settings from anywhere in the room.


  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Cools the room evenly
  • Remote control
  • Washable design  


  • Relatively expensive